Why Bond On Tickets?

Please note, as a bondsman, we are not allowed to give you legal advice, but we can give you bonding advice and the benefits of bonding out of jail. If you received a traffic ticket and failed to take care of it, the municipality where you received the ticket will issue a warrant for your arrest. Next time you get pulled over, you will be arrested and taken to jail. Your options at that point are to:

1. Pay the tickets. Pay the full amount of all the tickets and your will be released. This, however, will result in a CONVICTION on your driving record.

2. Sit the tickets out in jail. You may choose to sit in jail and get “credit” for the time you served. This will also result in a CONVICTION on your driving record.

3. Bond out of jail and appear at a court date in the future.

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to all choices. In the situation above, it is usually better to bond out of jail and deal with the tickets at a later date. Here’s why: If you bond out, you will have the opportunity to appear before a judge and plead your case. You may do this personally or you may hire a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you. You or your lawyer may be able to convince the judge to dismiss a ticket (or several) and/or reduce fines. This will reduce the number of convictions you have on your driving record.

Why does the number of convictions on your driving record matter? The Texas Department of Public Safety has a program called the “Driver Responsibility Program”. You can read all you want about it on their site. Depending on how many driving convictions you have on your record, they will send you a bill in the mail for a “surcharge”. These surcharges can be in the thousands of dollars each year. So, a $245 ticket can end up costing you thousands. DPS has also published a handy pamphlet that covers the main points. You can read it here.

What about Class C Misdemeanors other than a traffic ticket?

At first glance, receiving a citation for a Class C Misdemeanor doesn’t seem too harmful. Some people will say it is “just a ticket”. However, some thefts and assaults are Class C Misdemeanors and can have lasting consequences. If you simply pay these tickets or sit them out in jail, they are convictions and can show up when you apply for a job, apartment, etc. So, it is our opinion that it is always better to bond out of jail on any Class C offense that you don’t want on your record. At least by bonding out, you are able to appear in court and attempt to get the case dismissed.

If someone you know is in jail on traffic tickets or any Class C Misdemeanor, call us! We can explain your options and help you get them out.

If you have a friend or loved one in one of the above jails, call us! We can help.