Warrants and what they mean in bailbonds

What is a warrant?

According to Article 15.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, a "warrant of arrest" is a written order from a magistrate, directed to a peace officer or some other person specially named, commanding him to take the body of the person accused of an offense, to be dealt with according to law. In simpler terms, it is basically a notice about why you will be required to appear in court. It also gives the police the power to arrest you.

There are several types of warrants but they all have one thing in common - they all give law enforcement the power to arrest you. If you are being investigated for a crime and the detective determines that there is enough evidence to charge you, an arrest warrant will be issued. Warrants can be issued for parole violations, missing court dates, or if they judge determines that your bond is insufficient.

In the Municipal (City) Courts, there are two types of warrants:

Alias warrants (arrest) are issued for individuals who fail to appear to answer to the charges files against them. (Example: you received a speeding ticket and did not respond to it via mail or by showing up for court.)

Capias Pro-Fine warrants are issued when an individual fails to comply with judgments and other court orders. (Example: you negotiated a payment plan on a previous ticket and did not pay as agreed.) Capias tickets are NOT bondable. In addition to the warrant, most municipalities will assess an additional “warrant fee” on each case that a warrant is ordered on.

If you have an outstanding warrant, we encourage you to take care of it at once to avoid being arrested at home, school, work or during a traffic stop. Call us and we can explain your options and help in any way we can.

Some cities have online warrant searches for Class C Misdemeanors. Below is a list of ways you can search to see if you have an active warrant. This list is not comprehensive and there may be other city searches not listed here.

Texas Department of Public Safety


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Dalworthington Gardens Citation Lookup:


Hurst Records Search:


Kennedale Warrant Search:


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Forest Hill Warrant Search:


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