Support & Ministry

We understand that this could be a difficult time in your life. Part of our mission is to not only help you navigate the court process while you are on bond but also help you navigate your life moving forward in a positive direction. For those that are interested, we have cultivated a great referral database for the greater Tarrant County area with many ministries and agencies that specialize in helping those in need. Needs ranging from physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial. Let Mission Bail Bonds help you.

Examples of programs available:

Christian mentor programs

Job Training and placement services

Christian Job Corps

Tarrant and Dallas County GED classes

Financial Assistance through the Salvation Army

Mission C.A.R.E Center

Counseling for particular needs: domestic and sexual abuse

Embrace Grace

Grief Support

Ft Worth Teen Challenge: Drug & Alcohol recovery

Adult drug & alcohol support groups

We can help you, contact us now and see how simple the process is.