More than Just Bail Bonds

Our goal is to do more than just bail bonds.

When we decided to open our doors about a year ago, one of the things we wanted to do was provide as much assistance as we could to our clients.  Contrary to popular belief, many of our clients have never been in trouble before and do not know the ins and outs of the court system in Tarrant County.  For those that have never had to navigate what to do and when, it can be a bit confusing as well as quit intimidating.  We cannot give legal advice, and we always recommend hiring a lawyer if at all possible, but due to the fact that we are accessible around the clock, we do try to help our clients navigate their way through the legal system.

We also try to help those that need additional assistance by connecting them with other services around Tarrant County.  The amount of programs out there to help people in need is astounding.  However, finding them can sometimes be difficult. For example, we have been able to direct some of our clients that need help with employment to the Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County.  They have helped clients write resumes and apply for jobs.  They also have additional resources available like job training and helping to find childcare.

For some of our clients, community services hours are required by the court in order to achieve a certain outcome in a case and we can help clients that are on bond with us find places to get those hours.  One of our favorite places is Mission Arlington in Arlington, Tx.  Established 32 years ago by longtime resident, Tillie Bergin, Mission Arlington not only provides a great atmosphere for those wanting and needing to get community services hours, it provides an amazing service to those it in need.

Others need temporary help with providing for their family and improve their current situation.  The Church on Rush Creek established a Compassion Center that provides assistance for that purpose.  The compassion center is located at the main campus in Arlington, Tx but has campuses in Mansfield and the Handley area of Fort Worth.

These are just a few examples of ways we can provide assistance to those of our clients that want additional help in a particular area.  So, our business is certainly bail bonds.  But our hearts are into helping others…especially in a difficult situation.  If you know someone that needs assistance bonding someone out in Tarrant County or the Fort Worth area, please give us a call.  We want to help!


Mission Bail Bonds is located in Fort Worth, Tx at the corner of E Lancaster and Handley Drive