Fort Worth Police Department

Phone: 817-392-4000

The Fort Worth Police contracts their jail operations to the Mansfield Law Enforcement Center. If a friend or loved one has been arrested by the Fort Worth Police Department, they will be taken to a holding facility in Fort Worth for a brief time, then transferred to Mansfield to finish the booking process. Generally, it is not possible to find out specific information or bond amounts until they are completely booked in at the Mansfield Jail.

Jail inmate information can be found by calling 817-473-8676 or by searching the inmate list at

City of Fort Worth Warrants

To find out if you have warrants from the City of Fort Worth, contact the Fort Worth Municipal Court:


Look up a warrant

If your car was impounded when you were arrested, contact the Auto Pound.

Auto Pound
2500 Brenan Street
Ft. Worth, TX, 76106
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
817-392-5959 & 817-392-5951

***NOTE: If your friend or loved one was arrested by the Tarrant County Sherriff, they will be taken to the Tarrant County jail, which is different from the City of Fort Worth procedures.

Tarrant County jail information can be accessed by going to the “inmate search” section of the county website,