Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Dalworthington Gardens, TX


Police Department and Municipal Court
DWG City Hall
2600 Roosevelt Drive, Dalworthington Gardens, TX, 76016

Police Department: 817-275-1234

Municipal Court: 817-274-7662

Court Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30

The DWG Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all fine-only offenses that have been committed within the Dalworthington Gardens city limits.  These offenses include Class C Misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and city ordinance violations.  The court collects fines, conducts trials by jury and judge and issues warrants of arrest.  The municipal judge arraigns prisoners arrested within the city limits in all types of felony and misdemeanor violations and performs other magistrate duties.

Individuals receiving citations must respond to the court within 20 working days from the issuing date of the violation.