A Case Study Involving Class C Tickets

A Case Study Involving Tickets

People are surprised to hear that many of the bonds we do involve traffic tickets. How does someone end up in jail for a traffic ticket? Well, consider the following client we recently bonded out of a municipal jail:

Client: 46 year old male, wife, two teenage kids (= very busy!)

Occupation: Outside sales, travels 3 nights a week throughout the southwest

Criminal History: None

This client was on the way to the airport very early in the morning to catch his flight. He was running late and was worried he would miss his plane. Of course, he got pulled over for speeding and the officer gave him a ticket. He knew this would cause him to miss his flight and was completely frustrated. Irritated, he crumpled the ticket up and stuffed it in the side panel of his car door and figured he would deal with it when he returned from this trip. He returned home later in the week and got busy with family, his kid’s sports activities, and work. The ticket never even crossed his mind.

Months later, he was pulled over for having a tail light out. The officer informed him that not only did he have a tail light out, he had a warrant out of a different city. Of course, then he remembered the ticket. He never went to court. He never informed the court that he intended to take defensive driving or pay the ticket.

Due to the warrant, the officer was obligated to arrest him. He was arrested and taken to the municipal jail. He is now in jail with the speeding ticket charge as well as a “Failure to Appear” charge that was added when he failed to take any action on the speeding ticket.

His wife called us and we explained all her options:

1. She could go down and pay the charges and be done. Sounds like the easiest plan, right? The biggest problem with this option is that he will have two convictions on his driving record and this could result in higher insurance and surcharges by the state based on your driving record. Some of these surcharges can get extremely expensive. For more on the surcharges, see the Texas Department of Public Safety Driver Responsibility Program,

2. She could leave him in jail and let him “sit it out”. However, just as in option 1, it results in convictions on his record. (Typically, you can get approximately $100/day to sit tickets out. This is not usually an option for those that have families or have jobs to get back to.)

3. She could bond him out. When you bond someone out on tickets, it does not have any effect on the underlying tickets – you are just getting them out of jail so that they can seek legal counsel before they are required to appear in court. We always recommend hiring a lawyer prior to your court date. The advantage to bonding out is that it allows you to get the best possible outcome on all charges.
In the case above, the wife opted to bond him out and we were able to get him released in just a matter of hours.

What would have happened if he bonded out and missed court a second time? The municipality would have issued another warrant for his arrest. Once he was arrested again, he would (most likely) not be eligible to bond out. He would be required to pay the full amount of the fine or he could sit them out.

If you are ever in the situation above, we would love to help. Each case is different – we will explain your options and let you make the decision that is right for you. If you chose to bond out, we will work as efficiently as possible to get the bond done quickly.

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Additional Information on Class C Misdemeanors and Bonds
Examples of Class C Misdemeanors include: most speeding tickets, driving without a valid license, public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia, and some theft charges where the value is very low.
Even though most people will downplay the significance of a Class C conviction, don’t be fooled. There can be consequences and we highly recommend hiring a lawyer to handle your cases. They can help prevent something haunting you later in life.