Bail Bonds: What Happens After the Bond is “Done”?

Most of the information you read on bail bonds is about the process BEFORE the bond is done. If you are in the position of bonding someone out of jail, I am sure there seems to be a lot of unknowns and unanswered questions.  I think we usually do a good job of explaining the process, but most of the explanation focuses on getting the bond done.  But what happens after?

Here’s a quick overview.  After we collect all the appropriate information from the person responsible for bonding the inmate out, we collect and submit all bond paperwork to the appropriate agency.  For example, if the inmate is charged with a Class B misdemeanor or higher out of Tarrant County, we would submit the paperwork to the Tarrant County bond desk for processing.  They will then contact the holding facility where the inmate is currently located and verify that the charges, bond amount, and identity are correct and process the bond in their system.  Once they have processed the bond, they will notify the holding facility that the inmate is free to be released and will send us a confirmation and copy of the actual bond.

How long does it take for the actual release?  Each facility is different.  Some of the larger, busier facilities, like Mansfield or the county jail can take several hours.  Smaller facilities usually release much quicker.  But much of it depends on staffing and whether or not they are busy at the time.  We have no control over how quickly the release actually happens.

What happens after they are released?  At Mission Bail Bonds, we require those who have been bonded out, to come to our office within 48 hours of their release to fill out their paperwork and sign the bond rules and responsibilities form.  This form explains that while they are on bond, they have certain responsibilities and rules they must adhere to.  For example, they are required to call our office each Tuesday and check in.  This allows us an opportunity to make sure they know their court dates, answer questions, and make sure all their information is still current.  The most important responsibility while on bond is to show up for all court dates.  The quickest way to get a bond forfeited and a warrant issued is to not show up for a court date.

How long do they have to adhere to the bond rules and responsibilities?  Basically, until their case is completely disposed of – meaning until it is dismissed, they plea, or they are found guilty or not-guilty at trial.  For some, this can mean months or even several years.  However, the benefit far outweighs the cost.  The alternative would be to stay in jail until the case is disposed of.  Being on bond allows people to resume normal daily activities.

Once their case is disposed of, we are released from the bond and they are no longer obligated to abide by the rules and responsibilities.  Obviously, it is better if you never need another bondsman ever again, but if you do, we would love to help!

If you need more information on how to bail someone out of jail in Tarrant County, please call us.  We can help!  817-840-6000.

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