Fort Worth Bail Bonds: Why Are They in the Mansfield Jail?

Bail Bonds: The Fort Worth-to-Mansfield Jail Scenario

Bail Bonds -the road from Fort Worth to Mansfield Jail


Sometimes bail bonds can be tricky.  For example, someone you know has been arrested by the Fort Worth Police and you need a bail bond, right?  You call and they tell you that your friend or relative is in the Mansfield Jail.  Why in the world would they be in Mansfield?  Well, that’s a great question.  The short answer is money, but read on for a little history and to find out how the process works today.

The City of Fort Worth has been housing their inmates in the Mansfield Jail since they contracted with Mansfield in 2001.  Prior to this time, Fort Worth paid Tarrant County to provide jail services in the police administration building at 350 W. Belknap St.  The police administration building was built in 1985, funded by both the City and County, and included the county jail on the upper floors.  The original contract between the City and County expired in 1996, but was renewed year after year because no other agreement could be made.

Eventually, jail overcrowding and finances forced officials to look elsewhere.  Fort Worth officials estimated they could save approximately $5 million over 5 years if they moved their inmates to Mansfield and they have been doing this ever since.  Some have questioned the cost savings, arguing it isn’t exactly what they City officials expected and some hope that eventually, Fort Worth and Tarrant County can agree on some way to house inmates together again.  Only time will tell if they can come to some kind of agreement.

So how does this Fort Worth-to-Mansfield process actually work?  Generally speaking, when someone is arrested by Fort Worth Police, they are taken to the holding facility in Fort Worth off of Belknap for a hearing before a municipal judge.  At some point over the next few hours, they are placed in a police van and transported to Mansfield where they are booked in.  This transportation process is painfully slow – we have seen it take up to 18 hours from the time someone is arrested to the time they are booked into Mansfield.  Only when the inmate arrives in Mansfield and is completely booked in can they be bonded out.  Until that time, their family or friends can only wait.  Clearly this is not an optimal procedure or situation but it is the current system and we do the best we can to navigate it well.

We know it is rough on families waiting to know what is going on and we do our best to keep you up to date and walk you through it.  We will do everything we can to expedite their release as quickly as possible.  Once released, the inmate is given the option to call someone to come to Mansfield to pick them up, or they can ride back to the City of Fort Worth in the Police Van.  If they choose to ride in the Police Van, they will only be dropped off at 350 W Belknap in downtown.

Obviously, the process Fort Worth has chosen to deal with those arrested by the Fort Worth Police is not the most efficient.  But Mission Bail Bonds strives to make this process as easy as possible on the family or friends that intend to bond them out.  Our goal is to explain what is going on, keep you informed, and expedite the bail bond process as quickly as possible.

If you need more information on how to bail someone out of the Mansfield Jail or any other jail in Tarrant County, please call us.  We can help!  817-840-6000.

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