Bail Bonds Fort Worth and Tarrant County

When you want to get a family member or friend out of jail, you want it done fast. That’s why, at Mission Bail Bonds, we have made speed and efficiency our top mission. We utilize innovative technology to process all paperwork and payments, and get your Tarrant County Bail Bond to the bond desk as soon as possible. We look forward to going the extra mile and help you make the best choices about your bail bond. From the moment you call us, to the day your case is disposed of in court, we believe it is our job to be a resource for you and your family.

Don’t know anything about bail bonds?

That’s ok! Call us! At Mission Bail, we will give you all the information you need to know. We will be glad to explain all your options and walk you through the Fort Worth bail process. We’re here to make getting someone you love out of jail as painless as possible. We know you are facing an overwhelming situation and you need someone to speak wisdom and give you peace, while quickly getting the bond posted. That’s our mission! Read below to find out what you most need to know about bail bonds in Fort Worth.

You want to hire Mission Bail Bonds. What should you expect?

When you call, we will ask you a few questions about your friend or loved one that is in jail. For example, what jail are they in? How long have they been there? What is their full name and birth date? We will also contact the jail and find out exactly what the charges are and the bond amounts. We will use all this information to determine the bail bond fee. The bail bond fee is a portion of the full bond amount. This is the amount that you will pay to get your friend or loved one out of jail. At Mission Bail Bonds, we don’t believe in a bunch of hidden fees so we make sure our bond fee is accurate and upfront.

There is some paperwork to be completed and signed off on as well. We can complete the paperwork and payment in person or online, whichever is easiest. If you prefer to complete the paperwork in person, we are happy to meet you somewhere convenient if you are at work or can’t make it to our office. As soon as this is completed, we will get the bond paperwork to the appropriate agency to process the bail bond and secure your friend or loved one’s release.

As soon as the bond has been processed by the Tarrant County Bond desk, we will call you let you know. The jail that is holding your friend or loved one will be notified by the county that a bond has been posted and they will set them up to release them.

What happens after your friend or relative is released from jail?

Bail bonds in Fort Worth don’t need to be a hassle. At Mission Bail, we’ll get your friend or relative out of jail quickly, then we’ll take it a step further. We’ll do everything we can to help educate you throughout the process. If you have been bonded out of jail, you are on bond until your case is completely over. That means until it is dismissed, plead, or goes to trial and a verdict is read. We will do our best to guide you and support you through every step of the process. The key is to make sure you abide by the rules of your bond and show up for court EVERY time, ON TIME.

What makes Mission Bail Bonds different than other bail bonds offices in Fort Worth?

Owner Cathy Handy’s professional mission is honesty, reliability, and fairness. Yet, Cathy has a personal mission that is a step above others in the industry. Cathy’s deep love for the Lord is reflected in her compassion for other people, and her desire for each client to know they are truly valued. Her personal mission is to be a positive influence and to share the light of Christ to those that have found themselves in a difficult place. We certainly hope we have shown you that Mission Bail Bonds is a different kind of Fort Worth Bail Bond office. Again, our team is centered on informing, educating, and guiding our clients while quickly meeting their bail bond needs. So call Mission Bail Bonds and let us help you with your Fort Worth bail bond immediately! We look forward to hearing from you.

We can help you, contact us now and see how simple the process is.